I discovered my cat lying in the middle of my driveway unable to walk, and when I took him to this vet, they forced me to pay for x-rays and bloodwork which cost upwards of $300, and then expected me to pay $2000 to treat him for one night.I couldn't pay this obviously, and instead I was forced to euthanize him that same day.

For $800. For no reason at all. Never go to this vet.

They don't deserve your money.The doctors show no remorse or emotion, and they would probably kill your grandmother if they could treat people.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Vet nurse why do you work with animals when you lack empathy and compassion?That is ridicules that is usually the estimated cost to treat parvo!

Please consider another occupation you bitter soulless witch.I hope you do not have animals, if so, I pity them. I am sorry for the loss of your cat and hope you adopt another. Vet nurse is cruel and lacks a heart.

I have lost cats I loved too.I understand the pain of your loss.


Are you serious?vets don't have a freaking magic ball, of course they would need to do bloodwork & xrays to see how bad your kittys condition/damage was & what exactly would be needed to be done to fix him.

eg does he have any broken bones, does he have evidence of internal bleeding or infection etc etc etc. these are not cheap tests- just ry getting them for a human without insurance and see how much it costs you - $1000's thats how much. It's not their fault you cant afford to pay for your pet. blame your own finaical situation, not the vet.

they can't pay for all the injured animals that come to them or they would shut down quickly.accidents happen, finances affect treatments decisions all the time where i work and it's sad but its reality & it's not their fault.

to vetnurse Redding, California, United States #697681

I'm sorry, but that is a flawed system if we're dealing with life and *** DEATH.No life of ANY kind should ever have to end because of money.

Vets should fix their *** long before human hospitals because humans have insurance. It's not like they actually need the thousands of dollars they asked for to keep him for a single *** night. It's a god *** vet. Also, why did we have to talk them down from 1500 *** dollars to kill him?

Any explanation for that other than that it's a *** extortion operation is inexcusable and whoever thinks pets should be a privilege for the rich (which is what you're implying by saying I should just chalk it up to finance and blame myself, whoop-de-doo) is just morally wrong in every possible way. Your complacent attitude towards pointless acts of murder kind of tells me everything I need to know: that you don't actually care about the animals and would never be willing to work pro bono, unlike myself if I was in your position. Also, I could have told you he had no broken bones from looking at him. He had diarrhea and was paralyzed.

They found no broken bones of course, and only bloodwork revealed an unknown infection that, had they kept him, according to them, wouldn't have killed him. If you posted your comment to make me more angry and depressed, you're doing a good job, but if you posted it to actually try to defend these scams, you're failing horribly.

I'm the one with a dead cat and severe depression that is...

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to vetnurse Redding, California, United States #697683

If you don't care enough to read my last comment and realize how terrible and non-empathetic everything you just said was, however, thank you for confirming everything it said.

Redding, California, United States #695757

One thing I forgot to mention: before we "decided" (were forced) to euthanize him, we had to work them down from around $1500 for the euthanasia. Seriously, the entire VCA is a scam operation. Don't go to them.

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